Moving people to new homes since 2001.

A family-run business, Diamond Removals has built a reputation as a reliable removals and storage firm with a first class customer service, an excellent track record and services designed to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

How can we help you?


We have six tailor-made removal packages designed to suit all types and budgets. These include anything from a basic move to one that includes a complete packing and unpacking service.


Just in case you can’t get your belongings in right away, we’ll store it securely for you. We can store anything from a single item to an entire household for any duration that you require.


We couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but we have the expertise to move items like Pianos and not a bum note or a dropped key in sight. Check our Specialist removals services page for more.


Here at Diamond Removals we have six move packages for you to choose from.

Feature / Package Basic Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Custom
Materials i yes yes yes yes yes yes
Full packing service i yes yes yes
Unpacking service i yes yes
Pack Fragiles i yes yes yes yes yes
Unpack fragiles i yes yes yes
Place i yes
More More More More More More More

* Our unpacking services includes doing so onto flat surfaces only and does not include placing them into units or cupboards.

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Customise your move

A tailor-made removals package where you decide every aspect of the task, from what to pack, where to move it to and where to unpack and place.

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Book an appointment to discuss your move in more detail. This is best if you need to move quickly OR if you would like your own Custom Service.

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