Brookmans Park

Moving to or from Brookmans Park? Let Diamond Removals do the stressful and time-consuming work of relocation for you.

About Brookmans Park:

Brookmans Park is a village in Hertfordshire, southeast England, which is known for its BBC transmitter station. Brookmans Park railway station, on the East Coast Main Line, is operated by Great Northern. It is also a waypoint used in air navigation by Heathrow Airport. In the 1700s the area of Brookmans Park was recorded as having two manor houses. The Brookmans was known as Mymme Hall which was owned by John Brockman. The other house was known as More Hall which later became GUbbins or Gobions which was owned by the More Family. The Gaussen family arrived in 1986 when Peter Gaussen bought the Brookmans estate for his son Samuel. In 1838 the Gaussians demolished the Gubbins manor house to add to the land to the Brookmans estate. In 1891 while the family was away on a holiday cruise the Brookmans Manor burned down which was caused by a “painter using a blow lamp in the exterior redecoration”. In 1926 London & North Eastern Railway built the train station in Brookmans Park. Around the same time an 18-hole golf course was built on the land and the converted house became the golf club. The BBC set up its transmitter station on the border of Brookmans Park and Bell Bar. Brookmans Park railway station serves the village of Brookmans Park in Hertfordshire< England. The station is located 14 miles 37 chains north of London Kings Cross on the East Coast Main Line, on the stretch between Finsbury Park and Hatfield. The station was opened by the London and North Eastern Railway on 19 July 1926. The station has four platforms in total, two island platforms on both sides, but only platforms 1 & 4 are used regularly, platforms 2 & 3 are only used during line disruption or engineering work. The west side serves northbound services and another island platform serves southbound services that lie to the east. The station car park parallels the island platforms to the east. As of 2019 this station accepts contactless payment and paper tickets, but not Oyster cards.

Diamond Removals’ Services in Brookmans Park

With our removal service, your relocation will be as smooth as possible. Diamond Removals has a variety of packages that covers our clients’ all different needs and customized vehicles to carry them out. We offer house removals, commercial removals, single furniture or item removals, Man and a Van and many more. No matter moving home, moving office or other requirements, we have enough experience, local knowledge and resources to satisfy our clients’ every relocation requirements anywhere in Brookmans Park, which makes us the first choice for removal service to many people moving to or from Brookmans Park.


Diamond Removals’ Containerized Storage system is fast, secure, cost-efficient and needs minimum handling. Our storage service provides complete security to the goods. We only handle your stuff two times; containerize at your door and out of the container at your new home. No matter how long the goods stay with us, the containers will not be opened. All these things make Diamond Removals one of the most recommended for storage solutions.

Our Staffs

Our Staff:

All the staff of Diamond Removals is highly trained professionals. All of them are fully uniformed. All our relocations are carried out by our own vehicles and employees. All the staff is directly employed by our company. We do not hire any agency or casual workers.