Renovation Works

One of our most popular services, packing and moving clients to our store and or temporary accommodation. We take the non-essential items or all your items to store and or temporary accommodation whilst renovation work is carried out. It's like a normal move except there aren't any time restraints involved, you can plan your renovations and removal with ease.

Decluttering Service

This is a popular way of making space in your home whilst you have it on the market. This will show the properties full potential to attract more potential buyers or if you are having a party/ event and require more space. You can store long term or just a few days, It’s up to you. We can also offer a disposal service as we are a licensed waste carrier.

We don’t offer deals like £1 for the first month or half price for 8 weeks, these types of deal usually come with terms and conditions, they then bump the prices back up anyway. Our prices are always low and will always work out to be more competitive long-term. We offer great rates, it's that simple.


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Renovation works