Often overlooked in moving home are the things never seen on a day-to-day basis and it is hard to decide what to keep and what not to when we find them. This applies particularly to the forgotten things in the loft. And while you’ve managed up too now to avoid that task of decluttering, there’s no escaping it now – it has to go somewhere so consider decluttering as soon as is practically possible.

  • What is useful and should it really be kept
  • your keepsakes and sentimental items
  • the value of the stuff you simply won’t throw away
  • (Vinyl record collections, musical instruments, photo albums)
  • What you could dispose of or recycle or even sell.

Make sure that your Move Surveyor is aware of the items in your loft/basement. Upon inspection, we can make an estimate on removing and packing the contents but please try to bring them down so that we are not spending too long packing them all up. Hopefully you’ll have already packed them while they were stored away

Be honest

Be honest

It isn’t easy to dispose of all the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years and looking through it all you’ll know soon enough why they are there – ‘that might be handy one day’ or ‘I just can’t bring myself for chucking it’, all typical. So be honest about what and why you keep what you decide to keep.

Tales of the unexpected

Over the years of moving we’ve experienced some touching stories. We once found a forty-year-old primary school maths jotter in the loft of an owner and being a Maths Teacher he was thrilled to bits. He decided to keep the other twelve, so we packed them up for him. On another occasion elsewhere we found the vintage Fender Stratocaster of an old pro and the owner simply said “take it”. We offered it to the son of a friend and eight years later the lad plays in his own band! The take-away here is to consider what might become of the person receiving the item rather than what you may or may not do with them.


Be ruthless

Most of the time we find that the elder movers are typically the make-do-and-mend sort and profligacy is an alien concept. Keeping those old curtains, those old stereo units, skis last used twenty years ago and voyeuristic costumes not worn twice are likely things you can live without. So be ruthless and unless you're planning what happens to them later in life, declutter as ruthlessly as you can. It could make your next move far easier.

Box clever

Divide items out into a few categories and plan their fate. You can try these;

  • Sell items of value on eBay or on Marketplace
  • Give inspirational/practical items to family members or friends (like that guitar)
  • Offering items for free on sites like Free cycle
  • Donating items to charity shops
  • Recycling at old clothes banks or at your local authority’s recycling centers

Whatever you do when decluttering, take your time because there is quite often a trip down memory lane in between finds.

The last resort

If you prefer a complete clearance, let your Move Surveyor know, and we’ll provide a cost for disposal at the nearest local authority recycling center.