External items

Think garden furniture, tools, shed & garage items, play frames, barbecue sets.

Before you move anything that’s been in a storage area, clean it well and make sure it’s in sound condition. Drain garden hoses and empty and wash any plant containers or garden equipment using soap and water. Petrol powered equipment, such as lawn mowers, motorcycles or snow blowers must be emptied of all fuel and oil a few days before the move to assure complete evaporation.

Try to think about your external items well before your move. You will find things much easier if you organize garden tools and furniture in much the same fashion as you will organize your furniture.

If you have a garage or workspace, say a shed or garage extension, you may need to pay particular attention to your tool sets and power tools. If you happen to have heavier items such as desk lathes or welding kits, please let us know as soon as you are planning to move as we have to bring in some equipment to help.

Remember, if you have garden tables and chairs, or children’s play frames and slides, take them down last, for the sake of your kids (See our Moving with Children Advice section) and put them up in your new location, if appropriate, on the day you move in. Think of keeping the children sweet and out from under your feet.

External items