Have a few questions?

We need to carry out a survey of your property so that we can view the contents to be moved, assess the furniture dismantle and re-assembly requirements, view the access to the property, calculate how many boxes you require, and of course introduce our company to you, It also enables us to note what furniture covers and equipment will be required for your move.

You will receive a quotation by email within two working days of your survey. If you require the quotation more urgently or via post, please let our surveyor know.

Yes of course. We can carry out your house removal at the weekend, although we can be more limited in terms of staff availability at the weekend, so it is best to check our availability first. There may be a premium for Sunday and Bank Holiday moves. Note: If buying and selling, completion only takes place during the week.

Our prices are tailored to your requirements. Our Bronze service supplies you with the removal vehicle(s) and crew, and includes travelling, furniture covers, wardrobe boxes, and floor, door and banister protection if required. You may choose to include extra services such as flatpack assembly and storage too.

We have specialist equipment and trained staff for moving both upright and grand pianos. We recommend you get your piano re tuned after every move.

Removals are usually booked around 7-14 days before the removal takes place. This is generally the time given between exchange and completion, although sometimes it can be more, or sometimes even less. Although as much notice as possible is always preferred. Of course we can take short notice bookings, it entirely depends on our availability. It is best to call us to check our latest availability for your date.

We recommend not to book your house removal until you are sure everything is in place with the sale and purchase of your house, as cancellation charges will apply and can be expensive. You may be given a provisional date from your solicitor, but from our experience this can get pushed back for various reasons, and until you have exchanged contracts, your completion date is not confirmed. We recommend you book us once you have exchanged contracts. We cannot hold dates until your date is confirmed and your payment or deposit received.

Around 80% of our customers choose us to pack for them. Moving can be busy and stressful, and your home could take you days, if not weeks, to fully pack - whereas we are experts at packing, we are solely there to pack for you, and therefore it takes us a lot less time. We will come to you the day before your move and have everything professionally packed for you - leaving out any essentials you need for the night. There is also no need to worry about how to pack certain items, as we have all the expertise and materials to take care of this for you. We have great packages to choose from.

We are, all our boxes are reused where possible and recycled when they are no longer usable.

Day of your move

From the home visit we will assess how many movers and vehicles your move requires. It is usually between 2 and 4, but could be more if you have a large volume, or bad access. We will work this out based on the volume to be moved, the distance you are moving, what the access is like at both properties, and whether we are packing for you, or you are packing yourself. Having carried out a home visit, we will be responsible for ensuring that we supply enough movers and vehicles for your move.

We usually arrive at your property between 08:30-09:30am with a courtesy call before arrival.

However, We will confirm the time when we confirm your booking. If your move is over a number of days or long distance, we will confirm a schedule for your move.

Yes, we use specialist padded covers for sofas, armchairs, mattresses and pianos. We also provide front door, post and banister covers. Our removal vehicles are fully equipped with furniture blankets and straps.

This will depend on the distance you are moving, the amount of goods you have that need moving, and how closely we can get parked to your properties. Something like having to park further away from your house due to parked cars, long paths, or long corridors inside flats, will increase the time it takes to load or unload.

If we are packing, we will empty your loft if it is properly lit, boarded, safe access is provided, and we have agreed to do so. If you are self packing, you will need to pack and bring down your loft contents prior.

As long as there are no heavy or breakable items, then it is ok to leave the drawers full. We will usually take the drawers out, load the carcass, and place the drawers back into the carcass inside the vehicle. We will then repeat this when unloading.

We provide plastic hanging wardrobe boxes to transport your hanging clothes between properties. These are free of charge - we bring them with us on the day of your move, and take them back with us on the same day. On our home survey we will calculate how many we need to bring with us. If you are going into storage or you need to keep some hanging boxes, we can provide cardboard ones if required.

We will dismantle and re-assemble items if shown on the survey and included in the quote. If you are dismantling your own furniture, this should be done prior to our arrival. We also offer a flat pack assembly service.

Yes, if parking is limited or there are restrictions outside your properties, you will need to reserve parking or contact your local council and organise parking suspensions if applicable. We can advise you how much room will be required. Even if you have arranged suspensions, or if your road is just limited for parking or gets busy, we recommend parking there yourselves or putting out bins and/or cones overnight until we arrive, to save the spaces and prevent anyone else parking there. Sometimes we can arrange the parking for you, but we do charge additional admins fees for this.

Flammable liquids, gases, firearms, drugs, paint and oil cannot be transported or stored by us - the latter due to the high risk of damage should they leak. For storage, we also cannot store fresh or opened food, or food likely to attract vermin or cause contamination. For a full list of items we cannot move, please see our Terms & Conditions.

If you are pleased with the service or feel the team has gone above and beyond, our team is allowed to accept a tip you should wish to, but you are under no obligation to. You will receive an excellent service regardless.

We will always do our best to get all of your furniture into your new property. If an item is just too large and it will not physically fit, despite all safe attempts, but you would like the team to try further despite our advice that damage may be caused, then we will ask you to sign a waiver. We cannot be responsible for removing doors or windows, but can move furniture through removed doors/windows, as long as it is safe to do so.

We have put together a list of things to help you prepare for our arrival, whether we are packing for you or you are packing yourselves. Please visit dr.com/moveday. But keeping the kettle out and ready is a good place to start.

We will position all furniture where you would like them to be placed, and boxes will be placed in the room they are labelled for. It is best to have a clear idea of where you would like your furniture to be placed in advance so that you are prepared for advising the team on the day.


We invoice 4-weekly in advance. If we deliver your goods back during a period that you have already paid for then any difference will be taken off of your re-delivery fees. We offer better rates for long term storage.

Containerised storage is different to self storage and access is not easy. Your goods are sealed in a container, which is then stacked in a warehouse with other containers. If urgent access is required, we will require notice so that your container can be brought down. A handling charge of £50 + VAT will apply and an hourly rate charged while we carry out your inspection.

As much as you can give. We require at least 5 working days notice. Re-delivery is subject to our availability. If we do not have availability to redeliver on your preferred date, we will advise our next closest availability.

A container is approximately 7ft x 5ft x 7ft tall. They hold 250 cubic feet, or 35 square feet of goods. The size of a small to medium garden shed.

Yes we do. We will bring the container to you, you bring the items to the vehicle and we will professionally load the containers for you, but if you prefer to use self storage due to regular access to your goods being required, you can book storage with a local self storage facility, and we will move your goods to and from there.

As we carry out the removal into and out of our storage, we supply and use furniture blankets whilst in storage at no additional cost. There is also less handling of your goods opposed to the traditional self storage, minimising potential damage.

There is no limit - you can store for as long or short as you like. We offer discounts for long term storage.

After your move

When you have finished unpacking, please flatten the boxes by cutting through the tape, not the box itself and stack them in a pile until they are all emptied, then contact us to arrange a collection.