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About Harpenden:

Harpenden is a town in the city and district of St Albans in the country of Hertfordshire, England. Just over 30,000 people live in this town. It is a commuter town, with a direct rail connection through Central London and property prices well over double the national average. Geographically it is located between two much larger neighbors; Luton town and the city of St Albans. The villages of Redbourn and Wheathampstead flank it. Harpenden is a town with high property costs. Land Registry data suggest that the average house price in Harpenden in the 1st quarter of 2006 was £500,902. The data also indicates that an unusually high proportion of houses in Harpenden are owner-occupied. The average price of a detached house is over £900,000 as of January 2012. This town has a rich history. There is evidence of pre-Roman Belgic farmers in the area. In 1867 several items were found including a bronze escutcheon, rams-head shaped mounts, and a bronze bowl. There are Roman remains inland around Harpenden, such as the site of a mausoleum in the park at Rothamsted. Up to the 13th century, the area of the parish consisted of woodland with small hamlets and single farmsteads around cleared areas called “End” or “Green'' and there are 19 Ends and 18 Greens in the area of Harpenden and Wheathampstead parishes. Harpenden village grew out of Westminster Abbey’s gradual clearing of woodland for farming and settlement within its Wheathampstead manor, granted by Edward the Confessor in 1060. Just beyond the southern edge of the town lies Nomansland Common upon which part of the Second Battle of St Albans was fought during the wars of the Roses. Nomansland Common also saw the first annually contested steeplechase in England, in 1830 when it was organized by Thomas Coleman, and the last fight of the nineteenth-century bare-knuckle fighter, Simon Byrne. The arrival of the railway system from 1860 and the sale of farms for residential development after 1880 radically changed Harpenden’s surroundings. First the Dunstable Branch of the Great Northern Railway passed through the Balford area with a station. Then the main line of the Midland Railway was built in 1869 with a station near the main village which still exists today. The Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead Railway are locally known as the Nicky Line, which was opened in 1877. Harpenden is the home of Rothamsted Manor and Rothamsted Research, a leading center for agricultural research. In front of its main building, which faces the common, is a stone, erected in 1893, commemorating 50 years of experiments by Sir John Bennet Lawes and Joseph Henry Gilbert. In 1913 the National Children’s Home moved to Harpenden with a large site Highfield Oval which was home to over 200 children. The site featured a print works, a carpenters’ and joiners’ shop, a bootmakers shop and a farm where boys undertook apprenticeships. First were mainly trained in domestic service with some being trained in sewing and office work. During the Second World War, Harpenden was used to evacuate children from heavily bombed London. However, Harpenden was not totally confident in its safety, as evidenced by the now decaying Bowers Parade air raid shelters, soon to be secured for the future.

Diamond Removals’ Services in Harpenden

With our removal service, your relocation will be as smooth as possible. Diamond Removals has a variety of packages that covers our clients’ all different needs and customized vehicles to carry them out. We offer house removals, commercial removals, single furniture or item removals, Man and a Van and many more. No matter moving home, moving office or other requirements, we have enough experience, local knowledge and resources to satisfy our clients’ every relocation requirements anywhere in Harpenden, which makes us the first choice for removal service to many people moving to or from Harpenden.


Diamond Removals’ Containerized Storage system is fast, secure, cost-efficient and needs minimum handling. Our storage service provides complete security to the goods. We only handle your stuff two times; containerize at your door and out of the container at your new home. No matter how long the goods stay with us, the containers will not be opened. All these things make Diamond Removals one of the most recommended for storage solutions.

Our Staffs

Our Staff:

All the staff of Diamond Removals is highly trained professionals. All of them are fully uniformed. All our relocations are carried out by our own vehicles and employees. All the staff is directly employed by our company. We do not hire any agency or casual workers.