Hemel Hempstead

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About Hemel Hempstead:

Hemel Hempstead is a historic town, later developed as a new town, in Hertfordshire, England. Located 24 miles northwest of London, it is part of the Greater London Urban Area. According to the 2019 Census, Hemel Hempstead has a population of about 97,500. Developed after the Second World War as a new town, it has existed as a settlement since the 8th century and was granted its town charter by King Henry VIII in 1539. It is part of the district of Dacorum and the Hemel Hempstead constituency. It is surrounded by other cities, towns and villages such as Watford, St Albans, Hatfield, Hitchin and Berkhamsted. This settlement was called by the name Hean-Hempstead in Anglo-Saxon times and in William the Conqueror’s time by the name of Hemel-Amstede. In the Domesday Book it is referred to as “Hamelamestede”, but in later centuries it became Mamelhamsted, and possibly, Hemlamstede. In Old English, “stead” or “stede” simply meant a place, such as the site of buildings or pasture, as in clearing in the woods, and this suffix is used in the names of their English places such as Hempstead and Berkhamsted. After the Second World War, in 1946, the government designated Hemel Hempstead as the site of one of its proposed new towns designed to house the population displaced by the London Blitz, since slums and bomb sites were being cleared in London. On 4th February 1947, the Government purchased 5,910 acres of land and began work on the “New Town”. Hemel Hempstead has gone through a lot of developments since the new town. Jarman Park, the central location for leisure in the town, was previously agricultural land, which later became fields named after former town councilor and mayor, Henry Jarman, who oversaw the development of the New Town. The former John Dickinson Stationery mills site, straddling the canal at Apsley, was redeveloped with two retail parks, a Sainsbury’s supermarket, 3 low rise office blocks, housing, a mooring basin, and a hotel, and also an office block was built. An indoor shopping mall was developed adjacent to the south end of Marlowe’s retail area in 1990, and in 2005 the Riverside development designed by Bernard Engle Architects was opened effectively extending the main shopping precinct towards the Plough Roundabout. The new center includes several outlets for national retailers including Debenhams, Starbucks, Waterstones and others. Since the 2005 Buncefield fire the former Maylands Avenue factory estate, which was badly affected by the fire, has been rebranded as Maylands Business Park and a 40-tonne sculpture by Jose Zavala called Phoenix Gateway placed on the first roundabout off the M1 to symbolize its renewal. Hemel Hempstead has a mixture of heavy and light engineering companies and has attracted a significant number of information technology and telecommunications sector companies helped by its proximity to London and the UK motorway network. However, it has a much narrower business base than established centers, particularly Watford and St. Albans.

Diamond Removals’ Services in Hemel Hempstead

With our removal service, your relocation will be as smooth as possible. Diamond Removals has a variety of packages that covers our clients’ all different needs and customized vehicles to carry them out. We offer house removals, commercial removals, single furniture or item removals, Man and a Van and many more. No matter moving home, moving office or other requirements, we have enough experience, local knowledge and resources to satisfy our clients’ every relocation requirements anywhere in Hemel Hempstead, which makes us the first choice for removal service to many people moving to or from Hemel Hempstead.


Diamond Removals’ Containerized Storage system is fast, secure, cost-efficient and needs minimum handling. Our storage service provides complete security to the goods. We only handle your stuff two times; containerize at your door and out of the container at your new home. No matter how long the goods stay with us, the containers will not be opened. All these things make Diamond Removals one of the most recommended for storage solutions.

Our Staffs

Our Staff:

All the staff of Diamond Removals is highly trained professionals. All of them are fully uniformed. All our relocations are carried out by our own vehicles and employees. All the staff is directly employed by our company. We do not hire any agency or casual workers.