London Colney

Moving to or from London Colney? Need a reliable Removal Company? Diamond Removals will do this hazardous work of relocation for you.

About London Colney:

London Colney is a village and civil parish in Hertfordshire, England. It is located to the north of London, close to Junction 22 of the m25 motorway. It is near St Albans and part of the St Albans District. At the time of the 2001 census the population of London Colney ward was 7,742, increasing to 9,507 at the 2011 Census. It is considered a satellite or dormitory village of St Albans, where some villagers travel to work and shop. London Colney was first recorded in the 13th century. It takes its name from the River Colne, with the Old English suffix that means “river”. The name London Colney first recorded in 1555, referred to “Colney on the road to London”, and distinguished the place from Colney Street. London Colney was historically part of the ancient parish of St Albans St Peter. In 1894 it became part of the civil parish of St Peter Rural, which was abolished in 1947 when London Colney became a separate civil parish. The long-running 84 bus route runs through London Colney towards St Albans from Barnet, and Uno bus routes 602, 636, 658 and 659 also connect the village with St Albans, Hatfield, Watford, Borehamwood, and Luton.

Diamond Removals’ Services in London Colney

With our removal service, your relocation will be as smooth as possible. Diamond Removals has a variety of packages that covers our clients’ all different needs and customized vehicles to carry them out. We offer house removals, commercial removals, single furniture or item removals, Man and a Van and many more. No matter moving home, moving office or other requirements, we have enough experience, local knowledge and resources to satisfy our clients’ every relocation requirements anywhere in London Colney, which makes us the first choice for removal service to many people moving to or from London Colney.


Diamond Removals’ Containerized Storage system is fast, secure, cost-efficient and needs minimum handling. Our storage service provides complete security to the goods. We only handle your stuff two times; containerize at your door and out of the container at your new home. No matter how long the goods stay with us, the containers will not be opened. All these things make Diamond Removals one of the most recommended for storage solutions.

Our Staffs

Our Staff:

All the staff of Diamond Removals is highly trained professionals. All of them are fully uniformed. All our relocations are carried out by our own vehicles and employees. All the staff is directly employed by our company. We do not hire any agency or casual workers.