Specialist Removals

For items that require expert attention and a delicate hand.

We offer expertise with

  • Grand & upright pianos
  • Valuable antiques, paintings and furniture
  • Hard-to-reach moves; attic removals, loft removals, boat removals, etc
  • Complex dismantling and reassembly procedures
  • Custom insurance cover for your specific requirements
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Specialist removals
Pianos, upright or grand

Pianos, Upright or Grand

Moving an item that is heavy, awkward and delicate….. like a piano can be a tricky task, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge, expertise and all the necessary equipment to deal with it. We use modern bespoke covers and lifting equipment to carry out your requirements.

Antiques & Fine Art.

Whether it's a sculpture or a framed piece of artwork we can crate your items with the delicate care and attention they need. We have the expertise to carry out removals of this delicate nature due to the number of years that we have been involved in the removals industry and training. We can provide custom insurance cover for your items while moving or storing them for you.

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